Sauna & Steam Room

pool and sauna

STAR GROUP USA ? has designed, built and refurbished numerous steam rooms.

Through proper design and allocation of responsibilities to specialists, such as tilers etc, your steam room or Sauna will be a cost-effective room.

STAR GROUP USA ? provide a wide variety of Steam Generators to suite every project and after ensuring the design is right, space has been allocated?.

STAR GROUP USA ? can supply or supply and install the right generators and accessories to ensure you are code compliant and there is enough steam.

For a complete guide on how to construct your steam room, contact STAR GROUP USA and ask for our construction department.

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Commercial & Residential Saunas Should be Refurbished Every 8-10 Years

Here’s Why

  • The interior wood on the walls, ceiling and benches dries out with time. This results in a potentially dangerous situation where benches can collapse or cause splinters, wall or ceilings or benches can catch fire.
  • With time, the underlying insulation and vapor barrier will either sag or become moisture laden, resulting in higher heating costs.
  • Old sauna odors minimize sauna use and enjoyment.
  • Older saunas do not usually comform to modern safety standards and could be a liability.

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