Residential Pool Service

cleaning kit near a home pool
  • Maintenance
  • Openings & Closings – We can get you opened for the pool season and closed for the Winter.
  • Drain & Acid Cleaning
  • Chemicals & Products – Chemicals and products available for shipment and delivery.
  • Renovations
  • Caulking
  • Filter System Repair & Replacement
  • Pool & Spa Lights
  • Winter Covers
  • Weekly Service – We visit your pool once a week for water balance, chemical addition, backwash and vacuuming.
  • Pool Inspections – We can perform a detailed visual professional pool inspection to let you know the condition of your pool
  • Service Work – Pipework, Tiling, Chlorinator Install & More
  • Energy Evaluations on Equipment – Reduce your energy costs associated with your pool by having Pool Service Corporation do an analysis of your system. If any urgent issues arise, Pool Services Corporation will send one of our pool service technicians or a certified manager to you aid.
  • Emergency Visits – If something goes wrong at your pool, call us and we’ll come and fix it for you. Clients receive a 24-hour response time.
  • Leak Detection & Pressure Testing – Think you have a leak? Let one of our specialty trained technicians help you.
  • Homeowner Training Manual – A plan developed specifically for your pool outlining your pool’s procedures and information.
  • Homeowner Training – Training includes details on how to run and maintain your pool.



  • Full Seasonal Service - Pool Open, Pool Close, 16 Weekly Visits (Chemicals Extra). $1,375.00
  • Full Seasonal Service - Pool & Spa Open, Pool & Spa Close, 16 Weekly Visits (Chemicals Extra) $1,575.00
  • Weekly Seasonal Service - Pool - 16 Weekly Visits (Chemicals Extra) (Prices adjusted for bi weekly/bimonthly serivice) $1,040.00


  • Pool Opening/Closing - (Chemicals Extra) $150.00/first hr $100.00/addl hrs
  • Pool & Spa Opening/Closing - (Chemicals Extra) $200.00/first hr $100.00/addl hrs
  • Spa Opening - $150.00/first hr $100.00/addl hrs


  • One Time Service Visit (Vacuum Pool, Back wash Filters, Clean Baskets, chemicals levels) $100.00/hr
  • Homeowner Pool Training $150.00/first hr $100.00/addl hr
  • Filter Cleaning (Sand Filter - change sand) (Sand & Chemicals Extra) $300.00/hr


  • Weekdays 8am - 6pm Weekends: 8am - 6pm
  • (Chemicals, Parts & Labor Extra) $100.00(w/seasonal service) $125.00(w/o seasonal service)

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