Pool & Spa Repair

Innovations in pool equipment technology now allow for cleaner, safer and lower-maintenance pools. The right equipment for the right pool will not only save you money, but it will improve the quality and life expectancy of the pool you have worked so hard to keep in the best shape possible.

Equipment upgrades aren’t always needed though, sometimes all that is needed is a bit of maintenance or repair to your existing equipment. Our Certified Service Technicians will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your pool.

High efficiency products and automated pool solutions are making pool ownership easier and more affordable. Some of the latest solutions that we can offer are:

High performance variable speed pumps, which turn your water over faster and can typically cut energy costs by up to 90% over traditional methods.

High-efficiency filters.

Smart monitoring systems can automate chemical injections and pump operations. Smart automated sweeps and vacuums work quickly to keep your pool clean.

LED lighting options consume less electricity and require less maintenance while lasting much longer than traditional lights.

Our Pool & Spa Repair Services

Our Certified Service Technitian are certified and trained in a wide range of pool-related products and equipment. If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, our STAR GROUP USA specialists can pay you a visit and make the perfect recommendations for you.

Don’t wait for your pool equipment to break before calling us, have the equipment maintenance included as part of your regular pool service.

Keeping your equipment well maintained will not only keep it running longer, but will also keep running better, reducing your running costs, and keeping your pool in the best possible shape.

If your current equipment needs repairs or servicing, or if you just want to upgrade your current equipment, our Certified Service Technicians are the perfect people for the job.

Our equipment repair services aren’t just limited to in-ground pools. We service above-ground pools as well. Sometimes the things that keep your pool running need servicing and repairs as well.

Our trained and certified pool technicians can provide preventive maintenance or repairs on pool operating equipment such as filtration and circulation systems. Additionally if you are experiencing any type of issues with platers, liners, decking, leaks or stairs, we can help to repair that is well, to keep your pool looking, and working, top notch.

Whether you have overflows, pump problems, electrical issues or more, we're the right pool repair company that can take care of you.

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