Pool Painting

pool painting

Our very thick epoxy paint is the highest quality, longest lasting pool paint available! It is designed to be applied very thick and gives us a two-coat layer of paint that is approximately 10-12 mils thick or as thick as 3-4 sheets of heavy printer paper! This high-quality paint is extremely durable and provides our customers with a paint job that will last for many enjoyable, low maintenance years before needing to be re-coated again.

We purchase our paint in bulk quantities which helps us keep our prices very competitive and at the same time gives our customers the longest lasting highest quality paint job possible.

Most concrete pools will develop cracks at some point. Many are small surface cracks that will not pose a problem and are simply painted over. Other cracks can be larger or deeper and end up needing to be repaired before we can paint.

Some older concrete pools may also have more significant areas of deterioration that will need to be repaired.

We utilize many different methods to repair cracks and deterioration based on how bad it is. They can range from minor mortar re-surfacing to cutting out and re-pouring deteriorated sections of concrete.

Most concrete pools older than 15 years were commonly painted with either a vinyl or rubber-based pool paint (the industry norm at the time). Both were a good product for many years however, they now are rarely used and the vinyl paint is no longer being manufactured.

A pool that has not previously been painted with epoxy paint will need to go through a conversion process. This process involves removing the old existing paint using high-pressure water-blasting.

This is less abrasive than sandblasting but still removes most of the old existing paint with much less damage to the concrete pool surface.

Our Pool Painting Process

After the water-blasting is complete, the pool surface will usually need some minor re-surfacing before we paint.

Two coats of our thick epoxy paint will always be necessary when converting to epoxy paint.

Then every time the pool needs painting in the future, it will require only one coat.

Some customers still choose to have their pools sandblasted and our epoxy paint works perfect on this surface, too.

Sandblasting is rarely done, and is quite a bit more expensive, but at times may still be necessary.

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