Office Building Fitness Centers

Office Building Fitness Center

STAR GROUP USA understands that the primary motivation of building owners and managers, when considering health club amenities, is first and foremost to attract and retain building tenants. ?

Certainly, it is important for the club or office building fitness center to make a profit or meet its rent requirements as a tenant.

However, filling the office building with paying tenants is the number one priority.

With this in mind, STAR GROUP USA will design office building fitness facilities to best meet the present and future needs of the landlord with the space and budget provided.

Careful consideration will be given to the expressed wants and needs of the existing building tenants and prospective tenants.

It is also our responsibility to ensure that the client is made aware of the latest advances in design, equipment technology, programming, etc. in order to make informed decisions about what they want their club to offer.

STAR GROUP USA will do everything in its power to produce facilities, programs and services that exceed the expectations of its client landlords.

Fitness Center Management

STAR GROUP USA is a full-service, fitness center management and design company that specializes in Class A, multi and single tenant office buildings, with a passion for providing incredible holistic wellness experiences, while delivering operational efficiencies, leveraging the newest technologies, and providing unparalleled service and results through performance based contracts.

STAR GROUP USA inspires through innovation and creativity, from operations to programming, we engage members by educating and building relationships that are meaningful and lasting.

Through extremely high member utilization rates, class participation numbers, personal training sessions, holistic wellness offerings, profitable operations and member satisfaction, STAR GROUP USA delivers a unique experience unlike no other.

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