Lifeguard Certification

Star Group USA Lifeguard Program

This program can also be utilized by facilities that only need one or two individuals trained. Benefits for facilities include cost savings and content standardization.

Benefits for students include being able to study at their leisure, the ability to review portions of the program repeatedly, in contrast to hearing a classroom instructor describe it only once or twice, and the ability to refer to the training materials in the future to keep up on their skills.

Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive an American Red Cross Lifeguarding/First Aid (valid for 2 years) and CPR for the Professional Rescuer with AED, certifications which are valid for 2 years per the new 2022 standards.

This program can be done solely, but the student will need an additional person to practice some of the skills. We wish to also emphasize that most all the skills can be accomplished as shown in the materials with a partner, but at no time should either rescue breaths, abdominal thrusts, or actual chest compressions be done with your partner. If you, your school, or facility would like to purchase your own set of manikins, we can furnish a new set at an additional price, but again we feel this is not necessary.

As with all certifications the employer should insure that each Lifeguard candidate has all the skills necessary for the position they are being considered, and the employer should make sure the candidate meets the requirements in regard to physical and all other necessary requirements before starting employment.


  • Slide-In Entry
  • Stride and Compact Jumps
  • Front Crawl or Breaststroke
  • Simple Assist
  • Extension Assist from the Deck
  • Reaching Assist with Equipment & Throwing Assist
  • Swimming Extension Rescue
  • Active & Passive Drowning Vitcim Rear Rescue
  • Two-Person Removal from Water Using Backboard
  • Passive Submerged Victim
  • Shall Water
  • Multiple-Victim Rescue
  • Feet-First Surface Dive
  • Submerged Victim
  • Deep Water
  • Frotn & Rear Head-Hold Escape

Lifeguard Certification

CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer Skills

  • Removing Gloves
  • Initial Assessment
  • Rescue Breathing - Adult, Child & Infant
  • Using a Bag-Valve-Mask Resuscitator-Two Rescuers
  • Conscious Choking - Adult, Child & Infant
  • Unconscious Choking - Adult, Child & Infant
  • CPR-Adult, Child & Infant
  • Two-Rescuer CPE - Adult, Child & Infant
  • Using an AED - Adult & Child

First Aid Skills - Secondary Assessment

  • Controlling External Bleeding
  • Applying a Sling & Binder
  • Applying an Anatomic Splint
  • Applying a Soft Splint

Final Skills Scenarios to be Demonstrated

  • Final Skill Scenario 1 - Active Drowning Victim
  • Final Skill Scenario 2 - Submerged Passive Drowning Victim
  • Final Skill Scenario 3 - Head, Neck or Back Injury

Note: there are several ways to care for a spinal injury in the water. In this scenario the victim will be face down and the student will need to rotate the victim face up with their choice of any of the different saves for this purpose.

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