Fitness Management Services

STAR GROUP USA oversees the day-to-day operations of fitness centers, Country Clubs, Office Buildings and Complexes, Master Planned Residential Communities, Retirement Communities, Luxury Hotels and Residential Condos, Existing Health and Sports Clubs, Corporate Wellness Facilities.

STAR GROUP USA should be your first and last stop in hiring a consultant to advise on your health club management, new facilities or renovation projects.

Networking within the community to increase the visibility of the club and to increase potential new markets.

Oversee the day-to-day operations of fitness centers, Country Clubs ,Office Buildings and Complexes, Master Planned Residential Communities, Retirement Communities ,Luxury Hotels and Residential Condos, Existing Health and Sports Clubs, Corporate Wellness Facilities

Managing the staffing schedules of the fitness facility and ensuring that trainers, receptionists, and other personnel are present at all times the club is open.

STAR GROUP USA is responsible for setting staffing schedules and for the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment within the facility.

We are usually responsible for hiring new staff, implementing training programs for new and existing staff, as well as developing and implementing safety protocols and procedures within the facility.

STAR GROUP USA works to get more clients into the fitness facility and to constantly expand the number of members. This may include developing marketing programs or networking within the community. The manager will also work with currently clients of the fitness facility to implement new programs, classes and uses of the facility to meet the members' needs. 

Training new staff and ensuring they are using correct safety practices while working with clients on the various equipment within the club.

Managing payroll, accounts payable, invoicing, income and budget decisions for the club.

Handling customer complaints, resolving disputes and ensuring customer satisfaction and continued membership at the fitness facility.

  • Fitness Management Services
  • Country Club Fitness Centers
  • Office Building Fitness Centers
  • Corporate Wellness Fitness Centers
  • Luxury Hotels & Condominiums
  • Management of Existing Health Clubs & Fitness Centers
  • Master Planned Communities

Fitness Programs & Services

The fitness programs and services are designed specifically to increase physical activity and assist individuals in attaining their health and fitness goals. Our programming includes:


Designed to deliver individualized, personalized support, Health Start blends a comprehensive member orientation program with the Stages of Change model to enable trainers to best support members in the achievement of their health and fitness goals.

Personal Training

Personal training provides one-on-one expert guidance and support to best enable members to achieve their fitness goals. Club One trainers hold national certifications with ACSM, ACE, NASM or NSCA and have educational backgrounds in Exercise Science, Kinesiology and other health and science related fields.

Group Fitness

Group Fitness provides exercise in a fun, upbeat environment designed to encourage participation and exercise adherence. Programming includes boot camps, group cycling, dance classes, sculpting, Pilates, yoga, martial arts and sports conditioning.

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