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Time for a pool makeover?

With STAR GROUP USA, you can discuss and explore ideas about altering the appearance of your pool or the surrounding area.

We are a full-service pool remodeling company that has specialized in commercial and residential pool renovation.

You can choose to completely overhaul your existing pool and create a brand new space, or simply update certain features. Add a grotto or other pool features like a pool deck, pool house or choose from a variety of pool liners that can instantly update the appearance of your pool!

No matter what your safety concern is, Star Group - USA can offer you budget-friendly solutions to meet your needs. We also ensure that your pool is up-to-date on building regulations and safety codes.

When it comes to your business goals for a pool or spa, the dreams are endless. We turn those pool and spa dreams into reality.

We provide a complete construction process with dedication and focus for each and every phase of your construction or renovation.

Many older pools were plumbed with copper, but that’s no problem for STAR GROUP USA. During your pool renovation, we can easily and efficiently update your old plumbing with PVC. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your old, inefficient pool equipment into something more modern.

Improving Your Pool’s Appearance

If you already have a pool, maybe it’s time to consider a renovation.

Improving your existing pool’s surroundings and quality will not only offer your members (commercial) family and friends a better indoor or outdoor paradise, it can also improve the value of your property, reduce operating and maintenance costs and make your backyard even more pool enjoyable.

The first thing you’ll receive when you restore your current pool is an instantly more beautiful backyard.

You’ll want to be outside more, and you’ll see your home value go up also should you decide to part with it.

Whether you’re replacing a liner, re-plastering the whole pool, or upgrading/replacing the coping around your pool, even the smallest improvements can make a huge difference towards transforming that old pool into one that looks like new.

You can also update the landscape and surrounding areas to give your yard that fresh, lush feeling. Here are a few benefits of working with STAR GROUP USA for your pool renovation or pool restoration project.

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