Acid Wash

before and after Acid Wash

The simplest way to determine the need for a drain and acid wash is to decide if your pool is not the same color it was when you had it built.

Lots of things will change the color of your swimming pool pebble, white marble plaster, and diamond bright such as algae, leaves, calcium buildup, and rust.

Our pool finish, a drain and acid wash may be just what your pool needs.

The main purpose of a drain and acid wash is to remove stains, scale, and calcium from the floor and corners of your pool bed.

If you are not able to see the walls and floor of your pool, then it may be time for an acid wash.

Because the process of a swimming pool acid wash wears down a small amount of the finish we recommend that you only get it done every few years or so.

You may also decide on an acid wash not because of swamp conditions, but just to bring out a brighter, whiter finish. An acid wash is always a dramatic aesthetic improvement.

Our Acid Washing Process

  • Drain water from the pool
  • Clean debris from bottom of pool
  • Pressure wash walls and bottom
  • Drain dirty water from pool
  • Apply acid water solution to walls and floor
  • Drain acid water solution from pool
  • Clean and inspect filters.

How often should my pool be acid washed?

A drain and acid wash should be performed every 2-5 years to help maintain pool finish appearance.

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